Art has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I used to draw on just about everything, including my school homework. Teachers sent nasty notes home complaining about it. In time the drawing improved and recognizable pictures began to immerge.

My interest level increased with age and by my teen years it was clear that it was a God given gift. This pencil drawing of a tiger is the only drawing from my teen years that I have because I always gave them away.

In time, I began to try my hand at painting. Early on with oils, then switching to Acrylics because I just could not wait that long for anything to dry.

Then came pastels and portraits. Inspired by a local portrait artist's encouragement, this little girl became my first pastel portrait. This opened up many new avenues and became a great tool.

All the while this was going on, I was making a living in the Graphic Arts trade. Working with nearly every aspect of the printing industry helped me to get a good prospective of the roll art played in printing. As the computer emerged in that trade it offered new tools for creating art.

There is much more to say about my art journey, but the most important art of my life was the 20 plus years my wife (Judy) and I spent traveling and sharing the Gospel live with art in churches and other places. We offically retired that in 2017. It was a good run and pray that we honored the One who gave me the gift. To Him be all the glory !

DanArtSC • Lexington • South Carolina